Posted by: oneinamillionrose | January 4, 2006

Isang Pagbabahagi

… At 15, I believed that “It’s better to be a ” wall” than an “open door”…

… In college, a professor advised us not to have a boyfriend until we graduate from college… (and I listened to her)

… When it was time to choose someone, I decided I want my 1st BF to be my husband…

It may sound weird/shocking/yucky, but these 3 things had shaped my life and my future (or so I’d say my present)  (family and career)… Of course, there’s a lot of “what ifs” and things and teen adventures that I missed…

I’m not saying that you listen to me or do what I’ve done…please, DON’T!

I highly recommend items 1 & 2, but item 3 is very dangerous… what I got from it was  just a very LUCKY MAN! (ugh) …

So what do you get from being young and highly principled?  Oh, a lot of things!!! Most important of all, you gain self respect, self confidence, strength,  and character … but don’t be a super girl or a super woman… your man may think you are… and always remember the things you have to believe in should be in accordance with what God wants you to be… not what you want yourself to be… in that way, you will also grow strong in SPIRIT!!!


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